Boost Synapse

Using Meta Signals with QPushButton

This program demonstrates how meta signals can be used to connect native Qt signals through the Boost Synapse interface.

When the user calls synapse::connect<button_clicked> passing a QPushButton, Boost Synapse emits the synapse::meta::connected<button_clicked> signal from the synapse::meta::emitter. The handle_button_clicked_connected_meta_signal function responds to this meta signal by connecting (or disconnecting) the Qt-native QPushButton::clicked signal to the synapse::emit<button_clicked> function.

#include <boost/synapse/connect.hpp>
#include <boost/synapse/connection.hpp>
#define QT_NO_EMIT //Suppress the #define emit from Qt since it clashes with synapse::emit.
#include <QtWidgets/QApplication>
#include <QtWidgets/QDialog>
#include <QtWidgets/QPushButton>

namespace synapse=boost::synapse;

    //Define a Boost Synapse signal
    typedef struct button_clicked_(*button_clicked)();

    //Connect the QPushButton::clicked Qt signal to synapse::emit<button_clicked>.
    //Store the QMetaObject::Connection object into the synapse::connection object.
    boost::shared_ptr<synapse::connection> meta_conn=synapse::connect<synapse::meta::connected<button_clicked> >(
        [ ]( synapse::connection & c, unsigned flags )
            if( flags&synapse::meta::connect_flags::connecting )
                QPushButton * pb=c.emitter<QPushButton>().get();
                c.set_user_data( QObject::connect( pb, &QPushButton::clicked, [pb]() { synapse::emit<button_clicked>(pb); } ) );
            } );

main( int argc, char const * argv[ ] )
    QApplication app(argc,(char * *)argv);
    QDialog qd;
    boost::shared_ptr<QPushButton> pb(new QPushButton("OK",&qd));

    //accept() the QDialog when pb is clicked.
    boost::shared_ptr<synapse::connection> c=synapse::connect<button_clicked>( pb, [&qd]() { qd.accept(); } );

    return 0;

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